Dyneema Stuff Sack

Dyneema Stuff Sack


Ultraligh Stuff sack constructed from 0.8oz DYNEEMA® COMPOSITE FABRIC. (26 g/m2) These are the ultimate organisational tool. A must have for any UL pack.


  • Ultralight
  • Fully Taped seams
  • Drawcord closure with mini line lock
  • Ideal for keeping your pack organised and as an extra layer of protection for your gear.


- Large

Weight: 11g

Size: 40cm x 31cm

Suited for larger items such as tents, tarps or to keep all your clothing in one safe and easily accessible location whilst providing some protection from the elements.


- Medium

Weight: 7g

Size: 33cm x 25cm

Perfect size to be used to organise your food kit, first aid kit or filtrations system.


- Small

Weight: 5g

Size: 23cm x 21cm

Made to keep your small knick knacks organised and safe. Ideal size for a water filter or small cook kit.


- Mini

Weight: 2g

Size: 13cm x 10cm

Purpose built for your electronic cables. This will comfortably fit any camera, smartphone or other cables and batteries. A must have organisational item.