1.5oz Dyneema Food Bag

1.5oz Dyneema Food Bag


Dyneema Food bag. Constructed from tougher 1.5oz Dyneema (48 g/m2) this food bag is not only Ultralight but built to last. Ideal way to keep your food safe, dry and organised.


  • Built to last construction while still being Ultralight
  • Tougher 1.5oz Dyneema
  • Reinforced Buckle attachment system
  • Fully taped seams 
  • 10cm Squared Bottom for easy fill and pack space optimisation (All sizes)



- Small

Weight: 20g

Size: 33cm x 23cm (~5L capacity)

Ideal fo 2-3 days worth of food or for any overnighter.


- Medium

Weight: 28g

Size: 39cm x 34cm (~13L capacity)

The Medium sized Food Bag is the perfect size for a 3-4 day food carry. 


- Large

Weight: 33g

Size: 41cm x 40cm (~18L Capacity)

The Large Food Bag is made for week long expeditions. Ideally suited for any thru hike or outback adventure where long food hauls are inescapable.

Color: White