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Tie-Outs and Hang Loops

Tie-Outs and Hang Loops


Tie-Outs and Hang Loops

Ever need an additional Tie-Out? Need something to hang your bivy or bug net?

These are for you!

Designed to allow you to customise your tent, tarp or sleep system allowing for more comfort and ease of use. Using 2.92oz Dyneema Hybrid and adhesive transfer tape, you can place these anywhere on your Dyneema shelter for a lightweight and durable hang or additional tie-out point.

With your choice of Lineloc 3, Mini Lineloc or elastic loop.

* The adhesive used for these patches will not stick to silnylon, silpoly or silicone based fabrics. They are designed specifically to adhere to Dyneema Composite Fabric.

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