UL 8.5ft x 10ft Flat Tarp

UL 8.5ft x 10ft Flat Tarp


The perfect minimalist UL tarp. Designed to be as light as possible, this tarp is nothing more, and nothing less than what you need. At 8.5ft wide (2.6m) and 10ft long (3m) it has plenty of room for you and your gear offering flexible protection only a tarp can provide.


For those who want to truly live Ultralight, look no further......


3-4 day Lead Time


  • 200g 
  • Constructed from 0.51oz Dyneema 
  • Reinforced tie-outs using 2.92 Hybrid Dyneema
  • Fully bonded ridge-line creating a nearly seamless structure
  • LineLoc V adjusters on each corner tie-out and each end of ridge-line to guarantee a drum tie pitch
  • 1.3mm Reflective cord used for tie-outs
  • Multiple setup configurations allowing for maximum protection and flexibility 


If you have tieout or adjustment preferences let me know. I can add, remove or change them depending on your unique needs. This is usually free of charge.